Conferences Papers

04/2021 British Animal Studies Network: Violence
University of Strathclyde
Title of Paper: Violence Between the Cuts: A Reassessment of the BBFC’s Stance on Animal Abuse in Films

11/2019 Critical Theory in (a Time of) Crisis
University of Brighton
Title of Paper: What is a crisis?

06/2019 What is Philosophy?: Present, Past, Future
University of Warwick
Title of Paper: Critical Condition: the state of critical thinking and its usage in the production of commodities

07/2017 Mediating Climate Change
The University of Leeds
Title of Paper: Climate Change and the Destruction of Nature

03/2017 Back to the Future: Class and the Past, 1800-2000
University of Lancaster
Title of Paper: The coincidence of the gig-economy with identity politics

03/2016 PSA Undergraduate Research Conference
University of Brighton
Title of Paper: Is Having Children a Moral Good? / Why isn’t Bertrand Russell a Triangle?

07/2015 Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2015
University of Brighton
Title of Paper: Fostering critical voices: the pedagogy of seminar assessment

10/2014 CAPPE seminar series 2014/15: Discrimination in Everyday Life
University of Brighton
Title of Paper: Discrimination and decentring the self

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